How long does it take to receive my order?

We can usually package and ship your order within 3-4 business days after you place your order. Then allow 5-7 business days for transportation. "Business" days are Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

What is the difference between #21 twine and #42 twine.

The larger the number, the thicker the twine. #21 is used for background nets and not meant for high impact such as hockey slap shots or lacrosse shots on goal at the high school level and above. The #21 netting works great for background nets, away from the goal. This netting will keep the balls out of your garden, the neighbor's yard or the woods. The #42 netting is heavy duty and can take the high impact applications. This netting is designed for hockey, lacrosse, baseball and any sport where impact strength is a must.

Can I use your net behind a lacrosse goal?

The #42 heavy duty netting is suitable for behind a lacrosse goal for any age. The #21 netting is not meant to be used behind a lacrosse goal.

Do you make custom nets or custom sizes?

Sure we do! We can make any size net you need. One of the more economical ways to get the net you want is to have us cut down one of the standard nets we sell. There is a small fee for this but the overall value is best. If you don't see anything even close to the size you need, then give us a call and out net experts will help you with a quotation and get you the right product.

Do you sell lacrosse goals?

No, we don't sell the goals or goal nets. We do carry the backup nets for behind your goal.

Which is better, nylon or polyethylene?

We use polyethylene for most of our nets for three reasons.
  1. Polyethylene, when used with our recommendations has all the strength and durability you need for your sports application.
  2. Polyethylene has an internal dye which is far more resistant to fading than most nylon dyes. Your net will look nicer longer.
  3. Polyethylene resists UV longer and better than dyed nylon. Your polyethylene net will last longer in the sun.
Nylon is a stronger fiber than polyethylene, size for size. So for extreme applications we sometimes use nylon for high strength and high impact. For most situations, polyethylene performs better for a longer time and looks better longer.

Do you sell nets in different colors?

There is a possibility we can supply a different color, but we primarily carry black nets. We do this for two reasons.
  1. Black netting reflects the least amount of color to the human eye. So when you look out into the yard, you will tend to look past the net. This helps to keep owners and neighbors happy.
  2. The black dye in our polyethylene nets is internal meaning that it is melted into the fiber before the netting is manufactured. It does not fade like some other products. So the black color protects the netting and keeps it looking better longer

Will the 1-3/4 mesh stop a lacrosse ball, hockey puck, cricket ball or baseball?

Yes it will stop all of these different sports balls. It will also stop softballs and all other large balls. It will not stop a handball, golf ball or racquetball.

Why are there ten foot ropes on the corners of the net?

These ropes come as a standard feature on all of our net panels. You can use these ropes to tie the net between two trees that are a little too far apart. Or you might have to tie the net between a tree and the house. You can also spiral these ropes around support poles for your net. The corner ropes make the net a little more versatile.

What is the warranty on your netting?

The only warranty we offer is that your net will be exactly what you ordered when you receive it. Your net will be free of defects in materials and manufacturing.

Do you offer nylon panels or cages?

Our golf panels and golf cages are nylon due the high impact of golf balls. We suggest polyethylene for most nets but in some cases our customers prefer or require nylon. We can make just about any net out of nylon, it just costs a little more. We generally do not make batting cages out of nylon netting because the polyethylene performs better over the long haul.

Do you offer free shipping?

No, we don't offer free shipping for our nets.

Do you offer repair kits?

For a small fee, we will send you some netting and twine to repair your net. Just give us a call and tell us the nature of the repair.