Lifeline Nets

Lifeline Nets - Product Overview

Our lifeline netting is white, weather resistant, high strength nylon. Lifeline netting comes in 2" X 2" knotted diamond mesh with double strands top and bottom for durability. It is easy to install and fits boat rail from 18" to 36" high. When new, our lifeline netting has a tensile strength of 340 pounds per strand! That's plenty of holding power to keep gear on board!

Our lifeline netting is sold by the foot with all of the meshes (diamonds) collapsed, stretched tight and unopened. As you open the netting vertically to fit the height of your rail or lifeline, the meshes shorten horizontally. So to cover 100 feet of lifeline with 24" high netting you will have to start with 135 feet of collapsed, unopened netting. When your lifeline netting is installed it will be 24" high and 100 feet long.

For 18" or 24" high lifeline netting, select item number NESLIFELINE1 below.

For 30" or 36" high lifeline netting, select item number NESLIFELINE2 below.

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