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Garden Netting Poles and Accessories - Product Overview

Your garden net will help keep out deer, rodents, cats, dogs, birds and other animals. There are multiple ways to install your garden netting. You can make a frame out of PVC or wood and drape your net over the frame. Then secure the net with cable ties, nylon twine, Velcro straps or bungee cords. For a short fence, you can use our 42" netting to surround your garden. Support the netting with standard fencing stakes from your local hardware store then cover the top with one of our net panels.

For a high surround, you can use our ten foot or higher net panels supported by our support pole systems. Our support pole system comes in two sizes, one size for 10' nets and another size for either 12' or 14' nets. Poles are typically sold in sets of two. However, because we recommend one pole every 30', poles are sold individually as well. Our poles are black, powder coated heavy duty steel. Poles are 1-1/8" diameter, with snap lock buttons in each 5-1/2' section for easy assembly or take down. The heavy duty steel base will scissor fold for convenient storage. Pole sections have pre-drilled holes for the net support line at the top. Each kit comes complete with everything you need; poles, base, guy lines, stakes and reusable Velcro zip ties to attach the net to the poles. Poles must be staked out with guy lines.

No matter what your net installation involves, we will have the accessories you need to complete the job.

If you have questions about net installation, give us a call or send us an email at help@seamarnets.com.

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