Baseball Batting Cage Nets

Baseball Batting Cage Nets - Product Overview

Our batting cage nets are built to the highest standards in the industry. All of our nets come with rope edging on the top, bottom and ends, with an extra rope down the center of the top for a better installation. All of our batting cage nets come with a doorway in one corner with a 5' protective netting flap on the inside of doorway. At the ends of all of the ropes are stainless steel eyes with a 6' rope extension spliced to the eye. These ropes allow you to tension the net during installation. Your batting cage net will provide years of service. Our batting cage nets are made of high strength polyethylene, are permanent black in color, and have excellent resistance to UV degradation from sunlight. All of our batting cage nets are 12' high, 12' or 14' wide and 35', 55' or 70' long.

#42 Nets: Heavy duty for all ages and commercial use.

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