Baseball Backstop Nets

Baseball Backstop Nets - Product Overview

Baseball Backstop nets are our specialty at Seamar. We build custom backstop nets for youth leagues to major leagues. We have provided hundreds of backstops for high schools, colleges and universities. If you need a custom backstop net, contact our design team at 1-800-426-2783 or simply email your request to:

If you can use one of our stock nets, we recommend our heavy duty #42 netting. These nets are flat panels either 10' or 12' high. Your baseball backstop net will provide years of service. Our baseball backstop nets are made of high strength polyethylene, are permanent black in color, and have excellent resistance to UV degradation from sunlight. Rope edging is standard on four sides of all net panels and ten foot rope extensions in the four corners will help tie the net where you need it. If you require a custom backstop net, contact our net design team for a quote.

#42 Nets: Heavy duty nets for backstop used even at the major league level! These nets are 10' high up to 100' long and 12' high up to 50' long. #42 bulk netting is 12' or 14' high in any cut length you need up to 200'. Bulk netting comes with rope edging standard on two sides of the width but not the ends. Poles not included.

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