About Seamar Sports Netting

More Play. Less Chase. Our volleyball  nets are perfect for outdoor volleyball courts. Spend more time playing, less time chasing the ball. Protect your spectators! We have the netting for any size job. Lasts for years and easy to set up.


Our Netting department has been designing and building the best nets since our beginning in 1948. Our expertise, quality and reliability have earned us respect in the netting industry. We have taken the precision required for commercial fishing nets and brought it to the world of Sports Netting.

We sell the finest quality Lacrosse Nets, Baseball Nets, Soccer Nets, Batting Cage Nets, Golf Nets, Hockey Nets, Volleyball Nets, Cricket Nets, Basketball Nets and more. We specialize in sports nets but we have built just about any type of net you can think of. So whether you need a Lacrosse Barrier Net for your backyard, or you need to stop an experimental Drone Aircraft, we'll have a solution for your netting problem.

Sports Netting That Lasts!

All of our "ready to use" sports nets are made with high density black polyethylene netting, rope and twine. Why is that important? Polyethylene looks better longer and lasts longer! Ultra Violet radiation is the worst enemy of sports nets outdoors. Most nets are dyed black to protect them from UV after the netting is made. Our nets are different. The black dye protecting our nets is inside the polyethylene fibers. The dye is melted into the threads at the beginning of the net making process. Then the threads are made into twine, and the twine is made in to the netting. The black dye is internal and will not fade away like in many other nets. This keeps the net "shaded" from the sun for the life of the netting, thus protecting it from UV breakdown. So not only will your net stay stronger than other nets, it will look better longer too!

About Us

Seattle Marine & Fishing Supply Co. is a key supplier of products to the commercial fishing, recreational marine and industrial marine market. Founded in 1948 the company has over 120,000 square feet of facility space at its present location near Fishermen's terminal in Seattle, WA., with subsidiary locations in Kodiak and Naknek, Alaska. For more Marine & Fishing supplies, please visit us at www.seamar.com.